4 Benefits of Using a Virtual Business Address

According to the American Opportunity Survey, as many as 35% of employed people now have the option to work from home. So, it’s entirely conceivable that you can run your small business remotely, too.

Along with increased remote work opportunities due to tech advances, modern times offer extra conveniences for remote offices, like the opportunity to set up a virtual business office with an attractive address.

Keep reading to find out more about virtual business addresses.

What Is a Virtual Business Address?

A virtual business address designates a central location for your office. It serves mainly as a hub of communication between your employees and customers.

Virtual addresses are secure, full-service, professionally-staffed locations.

You can receive packages, mail, and deliveries at this location. Depending on your agreement, this service may include forwarding, scanning, recycling, shredding, or pick-up options.

You can access your digital mailbox and keep track of deliveries, etc. via an app or online.

Signing up for a virtual address has several other benefits for business owners, especially those operating remote teams or small work-from-home enterprises.

1. A Virtual Address Gives You Credibility

First impressions matter in every facet of your life, but even more so when it comes to business. So, as much as working from home offers many benefits, your street address simply can’t compare with an office on Wall Street.

You can’t use a P.O. Box or Google Local to double as a business address.

Virtual business address companies can offer you a virtual address linked to office buildings in prestigious locations that boost your company’s image. You can use this address on all your electronic and printed materials, like email, websites, business cards, letterheads, and invoices.

These recognizable addresses make your business look more professional and can help foster a sense of trust among consumers. When customers see a home address and mobile number, they may view your business as insignificant or even a fly-by-night operation.

When you choose a virtual address that’s known as a hub of your industry, you’ll increase your business’s esteem. For instance, a Silicon Valley address can lend instant impact to a tech startup.

You get to enjoy all the benefits of a prestigious address, plus the convenience of working from home.

2. Keep Work and Home Separate

When you use your home address for business correspondence, you sacrifice your privacy.

Should a customer search for your business online using your virtual address, they’ll come across an office building in a business district, not your residence. This protects your personal privacy and prevents customers from arriving unannounced on your doorstep.

It’s also handy for official business, such as:

  • Registering your business with public and local entities
    • Opening bank, supplier, vendor, and merchant accounts
    • Registering a domain name
    • Receiving work-related bills and payments
    • Filing for legal permits, licenses, and contracts
    • Customer communications

    A virtual address is the only way to keep your business organized and completely separate from your home life.

    3. A Multifunctional Virtual Mailbox

    A virtual address is not an impersonal PO Box sitting lurking at the Post Office. You can use it for all the same functions as a P.O. Box, including deliveries from all couriers, not just USPS.

    A virtual address serves as a permanent point of contact for your customers.

    If you move, you needn’t go through all the disruption of changing your address or lose out on payments due to lost checks. You can still use the same virtual address at your new location.

    4. Cost Effective and Convenient

    The more prestigious virtual addresses cost more, but the price pales in comparison to renting an office in one of these locations.

    You’ll also reduce the time and costs involved in commuting, and save on the expense of buying or renting office equipment, maintenance, and utilities. You won’t need to hire a receptionist or pay for work uniforms, employee relocation costs, and refreshments.

    As a small business owner, you can put all the money you save back into your business and fast-track your route to success.

    Other conveniences include:

    Expanding your Business Easily

    As your business grows, you’ll need more employees and all the costly things that go along with setting up extra office space.

    When you opt for remote work and a virtual address, you can easily grow your business without relocating, adding an extension, or renting extra offices.

    Your virtual address remains unchanged, even if you open new locations in other countries or cities. That means you can test out new markets without the costs of setting up new premises.

    Flexibility and Scalability

    When you choose a virtual address, you won’t need to agree to any long-term rental contracts, as you do with physical buildings. Most virtual offices work on an ad-hoc or monthly basis.

    You can use your virtual address for as long or short as you need. If you decide to open new businesses, you can use the same virtual address to save costs as your startup grows.

    You’ll choose the service you want based on your current business needs and you can upgrade or downgrade over time.

    A New Way to Do Business

    Modern technology and innovation make it so much easier for entrepreneurs to save money and grow their businesses during those crucial first years. Now, almost anyone can start a business from anywhere.

    A virtual business address is your gateway to attracting more customers, improving your brand image, and growing your business cost-effectively.

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