Angel7 Marie – Youtuber With Million Subscribers

You’re curious about Angel7marie ( Angel7 Marie Liverani ). Everyone wants to know about her. Here you will learn all about her. Angle’s Husband was 33 years old when she went to her father Joseph Paul Emillien of Roziers and left Ely, Nevada. Her Husband Matthew along with her 3 children Christiane, Jean-Paul, and Andre leave behind. No doubt she was a talented Youtuber. Let’s start knowing about her.


Angel7marie is a beautiful female name. The meaning of this name is “humanitarian, generous”. It shows a powerful meaning to me because it indicates artistic abilities, strong leadership, and an independent mindset. The roots of the name Angel7marie are French and Italian. In both languages the meaning of angel is innocent. It’s a Unique kind of name in these languages and awesome too. 

Angel Marie’s name had an impact on her. Marie was an Artistic person with a strong independent mindset. You can see this by watching her youtube videos. Angel7marie is famous because of the uniqueness of her videos.

Hobby of Angel7Marie

Now let’s talk about Angel Marie Liverani Hobbies. Her set of hobbies is amazing and she has become an inspiration for many people because helping others is one of her unique hobbies. Yes, she makes her hobby an impressive piece of mind. Even she has also helped raise over $25,000 for charity. In 1997 she was in Tampa. Florida. With this amazing thing, Angel7marie is interested in Cooking, Hand Embroidery, and photography. 

Angel7marie as Youtube Star

Angel7marie was a famous personality with more than 7 million subscribers and she became a youtube star. Her videos are amazing and very engaging without a doubt, yeah you can say it’s a reason she has that many subscribers. She died but her videos you must watch. 

Angel Marie’s Leadership Style

As in her name she has a leadership style but in her own way. She was not with her husband and kids. But still, she works for her as a Youtuber and becomes a storage leader for herself. That’s a big thing. She set a goal to help people and achieve it by donating $25,000 to charity. And die on August 29th,2021. 

Angel Mary’s Appearance 

She lived for 37 years. A beautiful Woman with beautiful eyes and hair. She wears clothes that look perfect on her. And loves to wear stylish shoes which she likes. The beauty of her eyes is not speakable. Her height is (5 ft 10) a perfect one. Angel was a good-looking attractive woman.

The net worth of Angel7Mary

Angel7mary was a Youtuber and professional artist. She was an amazing person and very hardworking. It’s not confirmed by any authoritative source but Angel7mary’s net worth was between $1 Million – $5 Million. It’s a Huge amount but with more than 7 million followers on youtube. I believe it’s the right amount. 

How and When she Die

Angel7mary died in the early afternoon on August 29th, 2021. Some Sources say the reason for her death is cancer and some it’s a natural death. It’s a mystery but she lives as she means it. She is a true winner of heart.