Anton Daniels Net Worth

Anton is primarily known on his YouTube channel for posting films about travel and daily life. He occasionally conducts lengthy live streaming on his channel in which he covers a variety of subjects.

He is a UX evangelist, professional YouTuber (importing lifestyle-related movies), enterprise coach, and UX expert and practitioner. His estimated net worth is almost 4 to 6 million. 

His channel currently has more than 46K subscribers. He is also active on other social media platforms in addition to YouTube like Facebook, and Instagram.

Anton Daniel’s Biography according to Wikipedia 

Not available on the Wikipedia page for Anton Daniels. Watching him on YouTube or After Hours will provide fans with additional information about his life story. The YouTuber from Detroit wanted to go beyond severe challenges. He also survived a near-death experience.

Anton Daniels Biography

The full name of this YouTuber is Anton L. Daniels. Anton is his nick name. Anton Daniels is Native American, based on his place of birth. In the United States, Detroit is where Antón Daniel was born in 1987. He withholds his precise birthdate, nevertheless. Regarding his parents, not much is known about them either. In his early years, Anton encountered several obstacles, but he overcame them all.

Popular YouTuber Anton Daniels uploads videos to the channel’s Lifestyle category. This channel consistently makes astronomical amounts of money from advertisements, which places it at the top of the YouTuber Money List. Additionally, he has many years of expertise as a practitioner and expert in individual experience. He is currently a widely respected influencer and business coach in general.

Anton Daniels Education

The majority of Anton’s formative years were spent in Detroit, USA. Anton has earned his diploma. However, there is no information accessible on his graduate work. He does not reveal his early life information on media.

Anton Daniel’s Marital Status

Sharita Daniels is the name of Anton’s wife, with whom he is married. In 2015, the couple exchanged vows. Additionally, Sharita occasionally makes an appearance in his YouTube videos.

Anton Daniels Career

In 2011, Anton launched his own YouTube channel, Anton Daniels. He starts off by posting videos pertaining to HTML coding.

However, after a few video uploads, he changed his subject and began posting vlogs and lifestyle short films.

He currently posts videos primarily about travel and leisure. In addition to this, he occasionally streams live about different subjects.

Although Anton has concealed the number of channel subscribers. According to Social Blade, he has more than 46k subscribers on his YouTube channel.

On his channel, he has so far posted more than 500 films. Additionally, Life as a VIP High Roller at the Casino, the most watched video on his channel, has had over 1.7 million views.

In addition to this channel, Anton also broadcasts on The Millionaire Morning Show with Anton Daniels.

He mostly responds to videos on this channel and shares his thoughts on a variety of topics, including money, culture, relationships, and many other things.

In addition to YouTube, Anton is active on Facebook and Instagram, among other social media sites. He is also a business counsellor and has worked as a user experience practitioner and specialist.

Anton Daniels Net Worth 2023

American YouTuber and business coach Anton Daniels. His work as a business coach accounts for the majority of his income. For every 1,000 video views, YouTube channels typically make between $3 and $7. But in addition to this, he also makes a sizable sum of money via brand deals and YouTube ad revenue. His overall wealth benefits from all of this.

According to Anton Daniels’ wage exchange, he makes roughly $2,000 every month. This indicates that Anton Daniel makes around $24,000 a year. Anton Daniels’s net worth in 2023 will be $4–$6 million.