Better Bedder Net Worth

The Better Bedder brand was pitched by businesswomen Judy Schott and Nita Gassen on Season 12 of Shark Tank as “a huge headband that holds your fitted sheets and flat sheets in place.” This bed sheet may be placed on your mattress without having to move or raise it. No straps, zippers, or clips are required to fix it.  After that, it blends in naturally and stays put. The creators of this ground-breaking product are Judy Schott and Nita Gassen. Better Bedder works particularly effectively for the hospitality sector’s hotels and resorts.

Judy and Nita entered the Tank in search of a $150,000 investment in exchange for 10% equity. The two women were fortunate to present their idea to Lori Greiner, who gave them $150,000 in exchange for an 18% equity stake and a QVC appearance.

The Better Bedder ladies said the agreement with Lori did close and the website received a makeover after their appearance on Shark Tank. (The text “Backed by Lori Greiner” appears on the website now.) Even if they haven’t yet succeeded on QVC, they continue to work hard and conduct face-to-face sales.

An overview of the Better Bedder includes: 

  • Bed sheet holder belt. 
  • Creators: Nita Gassen and Judy Schott. 
  • On Shark Tank, asked for $150,000 for 10% at a $1.5 million valuation. 
  • Received $150,000 from Lori Greiner at an 18% discount.

Better Bedder Deal in the Shark Tank

When Nita and Judy decided to begin their business, they were able to increase brand recognition and sales through traditional and social media advertising.

The founders received $150,000, 10% of the company, and a $250 investment to reach a valuation of $1.5 million. They also engaged the Sharks to assist them in expanding their business.

The corporation made a deal with Lori to give them an extra $50,000. The business made $5,300 in revenue after the show aired.

The company’s creator, Lori, revealed that sales had increased from $950,000 to $2 million once the infomercial was over.

Better Bedder’s Net Worth 2023

Better Bedder is thought to be net worth somewhere in the neighbourhood of $2 to $5 million. Despite the company’s long existence, it experienced a sharp increase in growth during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Episode 1314 includes a part with an update on the company. They claim they sold $157,000 worth of merchandise the day after their part aired in the update segment. The lifetime sales are almost S2 million. For them, Lori created a commercial, which was broadcast in more than 3000 Wal Mart locations. They want to increase their market by targeting senior citizens, motels, and recreational vehicles. They want to market their product internationally. According to Lori, they’ll make $20 million in sales the next year. Revenues throughout a lifetime are getting close to S8 million as of 2023. We’ll see if Lori’s forecast is accurate.

Better Bedder’s make money

The item is offered for sale on their own website as well as Amazon’s online shops. The after-sales service this organization provides is what’s most intriguing and will utterly blow you away. They respond to inquiries and questions right away. They will get in touch with a disgruntled consumer right away to figure out what’s wrong if they come across one.

They employ this strategy to attract more potential and actual customers who can’t help but give them a 4.6-star evaluation on their website. They are a business with a sizable online fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Now, the net worth of the Better Bedder is $2 to $5 million.

Problem Behind Better Bedder

The problem of making beds is one that children and even elderly people frequently encounter. Nita Gassen and Judy Schott set out to find a solution to this issue and succeeded.

Judy Schott witnessed her kid reprimanding his twin and lamenting that he is too sluggish to make his bed. Even though it was firmly packed, Nita Gassen learned from her apartment neighbours that they were having issues with the bed sheet slipping and sliding down the edge. The headband without a top was the product that would fix all their issues. It simply fits in by being slid onto the side of the mattress. The steps are as simple as 1, 2, and 3.